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Best Place To Buy Diamonds In Atlanta

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Best Place To Buy Diamonds In Atlanta

Laura Powers Jewelry is the premier place to buy certified diamond jewelry, colored gemstone jewelry, and custom diamond engagement rings in Atlanta. I offer the highest quality certified diamonds, Ceylon sapphires, colored gemstone rings, and platinum ring mountings. I offer a large selection of platinum ring mountings from which to choose and have hundreds of GIA and EGL certified loose diamonds in stock. My jewelry store can help you choose the perfect ring at an affordable price much less than our competitors. Whether you are purchasing a new piece from stock or designing your own, you can rest assured knowing your jewelry is of the highest quality and our service the most attentive.

Shira Diamonds Dallas is proud to offer custom designer engagement rings to our Dallas, Texas customers. To create custom engagement rings, we can place our loose stones in designer settings, and our certified geologists can help shoppers navigate the many intricacies of selecting and purchasing a gorgeous, quality stone. Our impressive selection includes brilliant diamonds in many different cuts and shapes, including:

Speaking from my extensive shopping experience (both offline and online), let me tell you that James Allen is hands-down the most intuitive website to browse and one of the best places to buy loose diamonds.

White Flash specializes in super ideal cut diamonds that are crafted for light performance and sparkle. What makes them stand out is their deep inventory of in-house diamonds and their stringent standards of curating the best cut diamonds.

So there you have it, these are the best places to buy diamonds and I personally vouch for them based on my own shopping experience with them. Not only do they offer customer orientated policies, the entire shopping process is hassle-free and fully transparent.

At the end of the day, the best place to buy your diamond is dependent on what you are looking for and the purpose behind your purchase. While the retailers here may have overlapping services with each other, they each have their own area of specialties which is among the best in the entire jewelry industry.

I frequently go on business trips to New York and Dubai and I read that some of these places hold diamond exchanges and districts. I can make a detour to Antwerp as well if diamonds are less expensive in that country or if it is possible to get a wholesale deal.

On the whole, BlueNile is one of the best place buy diamonds online but when we look at specific niches or categories of goods in comparison to the vendors I listed above, I would say that the vendors excel better in certain areas over Blue Nile.

As I mentioned in a comment above, the New York diamond district is full of scams and unethical businesses trying to take advantage of unsuspecting people. If you need to head to a physical store in New York, the best place to buy a diamond ring would be James Allen. They have a showroom where you can view the stones in person in a stress free environment. Visits are strictly by appointment only and you may want to get in touch with their support to schedule a visit.

The best place to buy man made diamonds is Brilliant Earth. There are a couple of reasons for this. One, the synthetic diamonds have IGI documentation/ Secondly, has a big inventory of options available and are in a better position to provide additional data on the stones like images and videos.

Where is the best place to buy a diamond ring that features a floral design with many side stones that surround the center stone My fiancée has pointed out a design she saw at De Beers but the price of the engagement ring is way out of my budget.

Brilliant Earth vs James Allen: Brilliant EarthJames Allen Benefits and FeaturesSelectionNatural, lab created, and recycled diamonds. Natural diamonds are ethically-mined from Canada and Botswana.Natural and lab created diamondsCustomer Service24/7 customer service via phone, email, and live chat; Free 1-on-1 virtual appointments24/7 customer service via phone, email, and live chat; Free instant real-time diamond inspectionPhotosMost diamonds have 360-degree HD video; Grading report360-degree HD video for all diamonds; Super zoom; Grading reportReturn Policy30 day free return policy. Brilliant Earth provides the FedEx shipping label and free return shipping on all ring, loose diamond, and loose gemstone orders.If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you may return it in its original, unworn condition within 30 days for a full refund or exchange. Free return shipping only applies to U.S customers and is limited to three per customer.WarrantyLifetime warranty against on all manufacturing defects. This does not apply to Brilliant Earth's collection of estate and vintage jewelry.James Allen warrant that all items will be free from any manufacturing defects at time of delivery. James Allen will repair and maintain your jewelry for a lifetime. Lifetime warranty offers free prong tightening, re-polishing, rhodium plating and cleaning services.BuybackNot availableNot AvailableCertificationGIA, IGI, HRD, GCAL, Sustainably RatedGIA, AGS, IGIPackagingEco-friendly ring boxes made from responsibly sourced natural wood; All packaging are FSC Certified (materials come from responsibly managed forests)Large elegant white and silver presentation box with pull-out drawer containing diamond documents and cleaning cloth; Ring box is a glossy red plastic lacquered box.Price MatchNoYes; if accepted, the price will be honored for 48 hours.Resizing1 free ring resizing within 60 days of purchase for US, Canada, UK, and Australia customers. Free shipping both ways. Custom and engraved rings are subject to resize fees. Eternity rings cannot be resized.All engagement rings and wedding bands, excluding eternity bands and alternative metals, may be resized once for free within the first year of purchase.Upgrade PolicyGet 100% credit when you upgrade your loose diamond. New diamond must cost at least 50% more than the original diamond's value. Diamond must be in saleable condition with the original grading report. Upgrades are not available for lab-created diamonds.Any loose diamond purchased from James Allen can be exchanged at 100% credit for any replacement diamond of at least 2X or greater value. The diamond that is being upgraded must be in original condition and accompanied by the original laboratory grading document.PriceSelectionCustomer ServicePhotosSocial ResponsibilityUnique

Seeing what type of diamond would be within your budget, you can ask our diamond experts for a free quote. That means that you will give the requirements of the loose diamonds you are looking for through our diamond quote form, after which you will be contacted by our diamond consultants. They will search the worldwide inventory of loose diamonds, to find the exact loose diamond you are looking for, at the best possible price. You will be sent the diamond certificates of the loose diamonds that made the selection, so you can pick which diamond you want to see. We recommend GIA diamond certificates because it is most reliable and accurate diamond grading system used internationally. But the choice is completely up to you if for some reason you prefer other diamond grading certificates like AGS or EGL.

Always buy certified diamonds. Certified diamonds are subjected to rigorous quality checks by an accomplished gemologist in the laboratory to ensure that consumers are getting the best quality diamond.

The advent of the internet has rendered the ability to browse thousands of diamond listings, examine videos and photos, cross-compare prices, and compare the same diamond among multiple diamond jewelers. The one thing that does not change is trust. At Diamond Hedge you can pick the best diamond online from a wide selection of high quality diamonds. One of the smartest decisions you can make is buying a loose diamond online, particularly if you are looking for an engagement ring or otherwise. Diamond Hedge provides invaluable advantage related to the price, value, and selection.

Primarily, it is the shape, the cut and the color of the diamonds Atlanta that will determine the overall beauty of your ring. The best thing about this is that you can find diamonds which will suit your taste and your personality.

The market for the best lab-created diamonds is broadening every year. And perhaps the best-known name in diamonds, De Beers, is betting on that trend. De Beers owns a company that opened a $94 million diamond manufacturing facility in Oregon in October 2020. 59ce067264

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