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Les amoureux du dessin et des illustrations

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Improved version from my cover in youtube. :DMP3: +Sensei+Kiyoteru.mp3EDITED VSQx: +Sensei.rarThe download link was disabled due to soundcloud's download limit... XD I haven't upgrade to premium so sorry about that, but thankfully there's mediafire, and it's safe for download. :)I'll recover the song using his Rock Append sometime. ;)Alternative Titles: A Detention Teacher/ A Teacher Detained/ イノコリ先生Composed by: Honeyworks-POriginal Singer: V-FlowerOriginal VSQx by MattplusBC and Fandescc ( / )Vocals : Hiyama KiyoteruSupporting Vocals/ Chorus: Merli, VY2V3, Iroha, Gakupo V2VSQX Edit, Tuning, Cover & Mixing: Me 59ce067264

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